Decorate Your Tree Like a Pro

Learn how to turn your tree into a snow-stopper this year! Follow these quick tips to really "spruce" up your tree and get a lush designer-look!


You will need:

  • 3-4 rolls of art mesh
  • About 1 dozen poinsettia picks, or other decor picks
  • About 1 dozen berry picks, or other decor picks
  • About 1 dozen baubles/ornaments on a stick
  • A tree skirt
  • Tree topper, we used a bow made for ribbon in this example
  • 1-2 rolls of ribbon


  1. When picking out elements to decorate your tree it's helpful to have a colour scheme in mind. Choose 1-2 colours to focus on when picking out your decor. This will keep your tree looking consistent!
  2. After you've chosen your theme, have your decor ready and your tree set up, it's time to start decorating!
  3. Fluff the branches and fix any holes all the way around so you have an even base to start with.
  4. Start by weaving, bunching and twisting art mesh into the tree, try to space this evenly around the tree.
  5. Next, add in your decor picks, we used poinsettia picks in this example, but any flower pick would work! Place the picks in the blank spaces around the art mesh.
  6. If you have a second type of pick, you can start to add those evenly to fill in the spaces around the art mesh and the first pick. We recommend a pick with a different texture, such as a berry pick, glitter pick, leaf pick to add contrast to the first pick.
  7. Time for some shine! Ornament and baubles on a stick will add another level of visual interest and texture to your tree. Add these into any missing spaces between the other elements.
  8. Next, add your tree skirt around the bottom of your tree. Get creative with the tree skirt, you can use art mesh, blankets, felt, the ideas are endless!
  9. Next, add ribbon throughout the tree. It's nice to have longer pieces so they cascade nicely down the tree in any missing spots.
  10. Time to add the tree-topper and you're all set! You can add a bow made from ribbon as a tree topper as we did in this example. Again the options here are endless!
  11. Voila! Your tree is done! Lush, full and ready to impress your guests!