Create A Tropical Paradise

Exotic Tropical Plants

Creating that resort experience at home is easy with our stunning variety of tropical plants.  From bougainvillea to the Majesty Palm, the distinctive leaves and brilliant blooms make it easy to mimic the look of your favourite getaway.

This gorgeous trend has received a lot of coverage and for good reason. Considering we all want a space that allows us to relax and unwind, creating an oasis is the perfect plan! It can be as simple as taking elements from your top relaxation spots and infusing your home with a taste of the tropics.


The Elements to Easily Create your Private Getaway


Think Bright

Warm colours including fuchsia, red, orange, and brilliant yellow are often associated with the tropics.  When planning your tropical “getaway”, tie in these colours throughout the area including adding in tropical blooms, bright cushions, umbrellas, and patio accessories that showcase bursts of colour.


The Space

Patios or small courtyards provide the perfect setting for this trend, as these spaces are traditionally used for small gatherings and relaxation. When choosing furniture,  light neutral tones and natural materials (think wicker, rattan, and wood) work really well in this setting.  Hammocks or lounge chairs are also great additions to this space providing you with a comfy place to recline for your afternoon siesta. 


Gather the Troops

The tropics are known for their lush greenery, so don’t just stop at one plant! Group several plants in a range of sizes, leaf textures and blooms.  Make sure to choose plants in a variety of heights to provide a natural layered effect. Now close your eyes and imagine the sound of gentle lapping waves and the light scent of salt wafting in the air.


Make them portable.

Keeping your plants in containers will make it easier to transport inside, outside, or or add a quick pop-up tropical garden in another area on your property.  Pots offer another opportunity to be creative, so have fun exploring the different colours and patterns to create a space that is uniquely your own. 


Here are a few of our favourite exotic plants to choose from:



Known for its cheerful pink blooms, the Mandevilla vine is a stunning addition to any outdoor space.  This plant thrives in indirect sunlight,  making it an ideal plant for patios and sheltered areas in your yard.  At its peak, this vine is full of beautiful  blooms with delicate green tendrils trailing behind it. 



The bright pop of colours on this gorgeous tropical will immediately transport you to your favourite island.  This versatile plant can be enjoyed as a vine, as part of a plant grouping,  or as a centre piece in a large container.  It can even be trained as a bonsai for those that have experience in this pruning technique.  The paper-like flowers come in a range of colours including fuchsia, white, yellow, and orange, and do best in full sun (at least 6 hours a day), especially if you’re looking for a lot  of blooms. 


Majesty Palms

Nothing says the tropics more than a stunning palm tree, and the Majesty palm will instantly provide height to your outdoor tropical garden.  This slow growing tree can grow up to 10 feet in captivity.  Known for its long arching foliage, with feather like leaves, the Majesty Palm prefers indirect sunlight and will even do well in shade

Full Sun Alternative:  Date Palm or Chinese Fan Palm


Kimberly Queen ferns

Native to Australia, this bright green fern is known for its graceful and compact leaves.  This clean air plant is sometimes called the Sword fern because of its upright growth pattern.   The exotic feathery leaves make it the perfect  container plant for those shaded corners on either a deck or patio, or plant it in the garden for an infusion of the tropics throughout your property.

 Full Sun Alternative:  Ostrich Fern




If you’re dreaming of the tropics, then hibiscus is the plant that will instantly transport you there.  The distinctive large blooms of this tropical will add an exotic touch to every property.  Available as a standard tree or in bush, the hibiscus is stunning on its own or as a brightly coloured addition to your tropical grouping.


Shade Alternative: Bromeliads