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Valid Oct 20-26, 2023

Ghoulishly Good Prices!

Fall Decor Clearance

Fall Decor Clearance



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Select Birdfeeders

30% off*

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from $2.99

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Bird Seed Pail Program

$24.99 ea

Choose from Black Oil Sunflower or Wild Bird Seed Blend

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* Our regular prices. May not be exactly as shown.

Final Nursery &
Perennial Clearance

70% off

Our regular prices. Final Sale

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Burlap Roll

40" x 30'

$19.99 ea

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Tree Wrap

4" x 40"

$7.99 ea

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Wilt Pruf

0.95 L

$29.99 ea

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25 L

$5.99 ea

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Yard Waste Bags


$3.49 ea

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All Leaf Rakes

20% off*

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