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Gifts to Make
Them Fall In Love

Find the perfect gift before
Cupid's last call!

Get inspired with plants, flowers
and gift cards this Valentine's Day!

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Say It With Flowers

Show your love this Valentine's Day with flowers!
Our flower shop is here to help you choose the perfect flowers for your loved ones. 

We have a variety to choose from whether it’s a classic fresh flower arrangement or a potted plant.

Get a jump on Cupid and order your flowers now to receive it before Valentine’s Day.


Pre-Made Arrangements

Make Their Day
This Valentine's

The best gifts come
in small packages!

Gift cards make great
presents for all loved
ones to show how
much you care


The Perfect Plant Present

FROM $7.99

Anthuriums, Orchids, Sweetheart Hoya, String of hearts

Whether it's a gift for someone you love or a gift for yourself, these perfect plant presents will be a hit



FROM $46.99

Sweep them off their feet with an everlasting gift! Why not show your love with a gift that looks stylish and lasts all year round.

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Make Fresh Flowers Look Their Best

Want to keep your blooms lasting longer?
Follow a few of these simple cut flower care ideas and you will keep your blooms vibrant and long lasting.

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